Store and send your ETC using one of the wallets below. Hardware wallets are the most secure; please use them. Software wallets with an asterisk (*) are closed source.



Parity Signer: iOS / Android


Block Explorers

Check on the status of transactions with these handy websites.


Get ETC by trading for it at one of the exchanges below. We’re listed on all of your favorite exchanges.
NOTE: No listings here are an endorsement of the quality or reliability of the exchange. Please do your own research before transacting with exchanges.

Nodes & Network Info

Run an ETC node and help support the network by using the software below.

Payment Processors

Accept ETC for your products and services

Public APIs

Query ETC without syncing a node. Please note these are public nodes and are intended for testing and light use. Please run your own nodes for your programs. JSONRPC API references can be found for parity and geth-etc (Testnet)